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5 ways collagen peptides can help your hair

by Tammy Doering on September 23, 2020

 - the most abundant protein in the body 

   - it helps make up your tendons, skin, and ligaments

   - your body makes it, but you can get it through supplements and food


- ways collagen can benefit your hair 


   - provides amino acids 

        - hair is made up of the protein keratin 

        - your body uses a lot of amino acids to build amino acids 

        - when you take in collagen your body breaks them down into other amino acids 

        - collagen is actually made up of 3 nonessential amino acids

        - these are proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline 

        - proline is the main component of keratin 

        - taking in collagen  peptides that are rich in proline can be beneficial to the building blocks of your hair 
        - study found high doses aided with increased hair growth rate, thickness + volume


   - helps fight damage 

        - collagen acts like an antioxidant and protects the hair against free radicals 

        - free radicals develop in your body as a result of things like stress, air pollution, smoking, alcohol, and other environmental factors

        - too many of these can hurt your proteins, cells, and even DNA 

        - some research has shown that these can damage hair follicles 

        - your body’s natural ways to fight free radicals lessen as you get older, so taking supplements like collagen are beneficial for defending your hair

        - several studies have shown that antioxidants from fish can have the most benefits 

        - another study showed that marine collagen fought against 4 free radicals 



   - potentially prevents hair thinning 

        - collagen makes up about 70% of your dermis

        - this is because it contributes to the strength and elasticity of the dermis

        - taking supplements like collagen help keep your dermis healthy and can potentially prevent hair thinning 


   - potentially slow down graying 

        - because of the antioxidants collagen may be able to fight cell damage and prevent graying 

        - age-related graying is typically based on genetics 

        - but free radicals damaging cells that produce hair can be a factor 

        - as you get older the cells that produce melanin for your hair begin to die 

        - free radicals can damage melanin producing cells 

        - without enough antioxidants to fight free radicals your hair can begin to gray

        - since collagen has been shown to fight free radicals it may prevent damage done to the cells that produce melanin and potentially prevent graying 


   - easy to use

        - you can add it easily to your diet through foods and supplements 

        - eating foods high in vitamin C may boost your body’s natural production 

        - foods to get collagen through vitamin C 

             - bell peppers

             - oranges 

             - Brussel sprouts 

             - strawberries 

        - collagen can be taken as a powder

        - get a hydrolyzed marine peptide collagen 

        - these are already broken down and easier for your body to absorb 

other benefits include:

Bone Health + Healing
Improved quality of sleep
Keeps blood sugar levels stable
Promotes overall gut health
Workout recovery and muscle building
Boosts Nail growth + strength

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