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Are you REALLY getting 100% Pure Dead Sea Ingredients?

by Tammy Doering on February 20, 2020

You might be saying, "What a weird question to ask!" but allow me to enlighten you why I've posed this question. 

You see I've been to both sides of the Dead Sea in search of 100% PURE Dead Sea Ingredients that have No Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Worthless Fillers or have been what I call, 'Ripped + Stripped' of their valuable minerals. 

A little background on my journey:

In 2007 I discovered there were numerous 'extra ingredients' being put into our Dead Sea Ingredients that did not make it to the MSDS list from our distributor at the time. I was mortified! Why? Because I was using the products for my own health issues and making retail products for my shop. 

In 2008 my husband and I decided to go over to the Dead Sea and learn more about the mining process, etc. We found out they were sifting the Dead Sea Mud with street water and adding chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fragrances to keep the natural churning of the Dead Sea dormant. As well as cutting it with Kaolin Clay and Talc Powder as cheap fillers to stretch the Dead Sea Mud (it's quite expensive to mine the Dead Sea Mud out of the Dead Sea, so they used fillers to make it go further)

I also found out that there were multiple levels of Dead Sea Salt. The Arab Potash Group has the exclusive rights to mine the Dead Sea in Jordan until 2057. They created the Dead Sea Salt Flats for mining the Salts and extracting the minerals to use for Potash - aka Fertilizer which is a multi-billion dollar industry and is sold worldwide. 

Well, when they extract the minerals, the salt left behind is technically considered to be 'Dead Sea Salt'. However, it's been 'Ripped + Stripped' of all its natural Healing + Therapeutic Powers. It's basically a bitter-tasting NaCl - Sodium Chloride. That is mainly sold to countries for melting ice on roads during winter months. It's SUPER CHEAP! 

We learned that the purest form of Dead Sea Salt is what's called - Semi-Dry Salt. It hasn't been processed, heated or 'Ripped + Stripped'. It's like scooping up the salt out of the Dead Sea with your bare hands. (I've done that - so cool!!!) 

How do you know if you're getting 'The Real Deal' or 'Ripped + Stripped' Dead Sea Salt? Leave the container lid off the salt for a week or so. If your Dead Sea Salts aren't slushy in the bottom of the container - they are 'Ripped + Stripped'.

Explanation: The Dead Sea Salts in their pure form are natural humectants. They draw moisture to themselves. Over time they get saturated and begin to create Dead Sea Brine (aka Water). Thus the reason the salts become 'slushy' in the bottom of your container. 

If they are dry, you've got a 'Ripped + Stripped' product. It's still Dead Sea Salt, but it doesn't contain all fo the valuable health-beneficial minerals.

When we import our 40,000 pounds of Dead Sea Mud, Powdered Clay and Semi-Dry Salts, we have to put each 25kg bag in another bag to keep the brine making under control. It's a true labor of love around here - but one that is DEFINITELY worth it to us!

Here's a link to purchase our 100% Pure & Natural Dead Sea Semi-Dry Bath Crystals:

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