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Foods that LOWER your Immune System

by Tammy Doering on April 14, 2020

You ARE What You Eat - isn't a trite phrase or expression -  it's TRUE!!! Like a Computer - Garbage In - Garbage Out!



1) Soda: made from carbonated water, flavorings and chemical additives. ZERO Nutritional value, high levels of sugar (leads to obesity, diabetes and causes spikes in blood sugar levels which lowers your immune system, sugar lowers your immune system by curbing immune system cells that attack bacteria. Also decreases brain function, increases fatique, moodiness, headaches and allergies. Most ingredients in sodas have been shown to cause distruptive behaviors such as aggression, and ADHA, lack of focus and abnormal brain function.

A Harvard study found that one 12oz serving of regular soda increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 19%! Is it worth all that?


2) Processed foods: fast food causes your immune system to be on high alert for long periods of time which in turn weakens it. Also activates chronic inflammation and lowers our body's ability to fight off viruses.


3) Refined Sugar: does the same thing sodas do because of their high sugar levels. Studies show

Sugar consumed after exercise is taken up very quickly by your just-worked muscles. Plus, exercise sensitizes your cells to the effects of insulin, the exact opposite of the desensitizing effect that chronic sugar intake has. In other words, if you want to enjoy a little treat, use it as your reward after a good workout.


4) Carbs: eating too many crap carbs can increase your risk of insulin resistance or obesity, these can both lead to your immune system being weakened and can heighten your risk of infections


5) Alcohol: it affects the way health gut microbes interact with the immune system, and it also disrupts the gut barrier allowing more bacteria to pass into the blood


6) Salt - Going over-board, causes the kidneys to excrete sodium and a domino effect occurs that reduces the body's ability to fight bacterial infections. - recommended to stay under 2300mg (one teaspon) sodium per day in healthy adults. CDC says more than 70% American's sodium intake is from processed foods. - Canned soups, frozen pizzas.


7) Overdoing caffeine intake can increase inflammation and compromise your immune system. Drink coffee or tea. Ditch the 5hour energy or Monster Drinks.

8) Low fiber intake. Only 5% of Americans consume the recommended daily goal of 25gr -women 38gr - men. Swap sugary cereals for steel cut oatmeal. Use brown, black or wild rices, use Pulse Pastas instead of traditional pastas - Pulse Pasta range uses pulses such as Peas, Lentils, Chickpeas and Borlotti Beans to produce an alternative to traditional wheat pasta. Higher protein, fiber and Gluten Free

9) Not a food - but tobacco products also compromise your immune system Found on the CDC Website - Cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000 chemical compounds. Many of them can interfere with the immune system. Diseases are able to progress when the immune system is not working effectively. Diseases that can be worsened by smoking include:l l l l l l l viral and bacterial infections, especially of the lungs (for example, pneumonia, influenza, tuberculosis); periodontal or gum disease;bacterial meningitis (a disease that attacks the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord); infections that occur after surgery; rheumatoid arthritis; Crohn’s disease (a serious disease of the digestive system); and cancer

Next time you reach for that bag of 'whatever' ask yourself is it worth lowering your resistance to bacteria, parasites and viruses - COVID 19?

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