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Great Beauty Tips™: Day 21

by Tammy Doering on December 28, 2016


Hello Everyone! I pray all of you are enjoying your day! It’s been quite busy around here lately. We are working on a new menu of services for our Totally Pamper Me!® Natural Image Day Spa. One of the areas I am extremely intrigued with is Ayurvedic Medicine and Adaptogenic Herbs. What are these? I’m so glad you asked! Allow me to help you understand these amazing natural enhancers of total well being:

Ayurvedic Medicine is an ancient, holistic approach to achieving optimal health using natural herbs. The “roots” are found in the country India. It is considered to be the world’s most ancient healthcare system that’s primary goal is to prevent disease, rather than change your body. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word which translates to, “Science of Life”. It is actually designed to be a wellness system that incorporates proper diet, exercise & detoxification of the body through the use of natural herbs (nature’s medicine) and meditation techniques that aid with improved mental and emotional health. I personally have replaced some of the ancient beliefs with my Christian beliefs and use praying and reading my Bible as my own personal meditation time.

Adaptogenic Herbs naturally work within our body to increase its capability to resist anxiety, fatigue, stress and trauma. They also aid with improving mental focus and concentration, muscle tone, strength, energy, stamina as well as normalizing imbalances in the body, whether they be deficiencies or excesses. From High Blood Pressure & Diabetes Type II all the way to getting a good night’s rest.  Currently I have found in my research a total of 26 known Adaptogenic Herbs. Many of them have PubMed articles written on them – Licorice has over 1100 medical articles written on it!

Our Western world is ruled by big pharmaceutical companies that suppress this ancient, all natural ‘medicine’ because if you get healed, they don’t make any more money off you! The internet has opened up a world of amazing information and yes, you need to very careful not to get ‘sucked’ into the vast amount of false marketing. The best information I can give you is to research a minimum of a month on an herb, essential oil or treatment. Take all of that information, then put your own ideas into it, then implement it and test it for 90 days minimum. Natural takes longer, however, it’s been my personal experience that the results usually end up with you eliminating the problem.

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Thought for Today: "We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."
-- Jim Rohn,