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Great Beauty Tips™: Day14

by Tammy Doering on June 13, 2019

Hello Everyone! Life is flying by faster than the speed of light and there isn’t anything I can do about it, except  Hang on & enjoy the ride!” But while I’m ‘hanging on’, I must confess – I have a HUGE phobia about aging. I honestly DO NOT want to look or feel old! And when you think about it – why do we ‘settle’ for it anyway?

We need to change our stinkinthinkin and remove the word impossible from our vocabularies  and view that negative word as a positive one – IM Possible! Yes, it’s really in there! Blew my mind one day when I looked at it that way! I’m Possible – WOW! That means if I decide to do it – It’s Possible not impossible!

For starters begin a ‘Preventative Maintenance Care Regimen’.  For the most part I exercise minimum of an hour a day 5 days a week. I either do interval training with my hubby, or we do our Insanity for the day– even when I’m sick I don’t miss class! Being gone several times this year has really made me wake-up & realize how fast ‘aging’ can creep up on you if you don’t exercise and eat right. One week of vacation can add anywhere from 1-6 pounds on a person! And the older you get, the harder you have to work to get it off. Being over weight and have excess fat not only ages you externally, it does it internally, too!

Other ways I ‘fight aging’ is to use our 6 step Dead Sea Facial regimen. Created by me for me to ‘turn back the hands of time’ and YES! It really works! I’ve personally seen it change tens of thousands of faces over the past 14+ years I’ve been formulating our products! Even die-hard skeptics become sold-out believers after one treatment! Here’s the regimen:

Morning & Night: Wash face using our Dead Sea Mineral Mud Facial Wash or Bars

1-2 times a week: Apply your favorite Dead Sea Mineral Peel. For deeper exfoliation, use our Rotary Facial Brush with sponge attachment and create your own Dead Sea Dermabrasion! This treatment will blow you away when you see the results!

1-2 times a week: Apply your favorite Dead Sea Mineral Mud Masque. I personally do a mud masque daily now – going into year two – the skin just look more resilient and younger even with extreme sun exposure!

Morning & Night: Apply our wonderful Hydrating Botanical Toner – smells and feels wonderful!!!

Morning & Night: Apply our Botox Alternative – Max~Tox Facial Serum and regain your ‘Youthful Appearance’…Naturally!

Morning & Night: Apply our Mud~Lite II™ Mineral Crème. Hydrate & Moisturize your skin every chance you get!

Well, that’s it for today! We greatly appreciate all of you that continue to support our products and services! Please like us on Facebook and Instagram!

Thought for Today: You are the only problem you will ever have and
you are the only solution! ~Bob Proctor
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