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Great Beauty Tips™: Turn Your Complexion from Bad to Beautiful!

by Tammy Doering on September 26, 2017

Hello Everybody! I pray our blog finds each of you having a wonderful day! We are working hard around here at “Totally Pamper Me!”® gearing up for our teaching endeavors for the year! We are embracing the Holiday Season, and we hope that you are too. As the lines get longer and the people get feistier we hope that you and your loved ones are safe, warm, and feeling the Holiday love floating in the air!

Since I have taught at small business conventions in the past (for 6 years) the number one response I always heard when people meet me is – “You’re skin is gorgeous! I wish mine could look like that!”. My reply is simple and direct to the point  You can have great looking skin - IF youll dedicate & prioritize the time for it!. The next usual reply I hear is, I dont have any time to do that!. My next reply usually is, Do you take time to shower, eat breakfast, make your bed, do the laundry, make dinner, iron the clothes, watch the news (or Politics!), read a book or just sit down for 10-20 minutes during your awake hours?. To which the reply is always a resounding, “Well, yes!, to at  least one or more of the mentioned questions. Then my reply back is, Then you can have beautiful skin! You just havent looked at those chores/duties as Opportunities in which your skin can accelerate from bad to beautiful! The following are some of my bending/extending Skin Beauty Tips:


1) Before you take a shower (whether morning or night) put on a Dead Sea Mineral Masque. Since the optimum time frame for it to dry is 10-20 minutes, use that drying time to either make lunches for the day (or next day depending on the time of day) or prepare your breakfast (or dinner) meal. If you only have one child and the lunch task is finished before your masque dries, fold a few towels or run a load of clothes through the wash. Once youre masque is dry, get in the shower and wash off the masque!

2) If you have time to sit and watch one sitcom or the evening news - you have the time to take care of your skin! Five minutes before the news and/or show of your choice starts, put on your masque! If you forget, put it on during the first commercial break! I promise you wont miss one valuable minute of the news or that sitcom - putting on the masque only takes about one and a half minutes (less than one minute if youve been doing a while! Just ask my dear daughter Jessica! She can apply her Dead Sea Mud Masque (perfectly I might add!) in about 30 + seconds! ).

3) Ironing - if you are like me, ironing is one of your least favorite things to do! Ive tried paying others to do it for me and it is never done the way I want it. The pants end up with double seams and the long sleeve shirts look terrible! Therefore, I started paying myself to iron! I chose Saturday to be my ironing day. Ive turned it into a pleasant ritual now. Heres what I do: I wash my hair with our Dead Sea Shampoo, towel it dry, and comb through to get out any tangles. Next I apply our Dead Sea Deep Conditioning Hair & Scalp Mud Masque Treatment to my entire scalp & hair. Then I cover my head with a shower cap.  Then I place a colorful Turbie Twist over the shower cap so I dont look like Ms. Plastic Wrap Head! Next I proceed to apply my Dead Sea Masque of choice to my décolleté area, neck & face. Now, Im ready for action! So, its off to the ironing board I go - Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Let me tell you, when youre married to a 6'8"man that has an inseam of 38", your masque gets good-n-dry by the time youre finished ironing! The deep exfoliation that comes with the removal of that super dry masque is absolutely incredible! Once the face is rinsed off, then I rinse the hair out. Follow with our Hydrating Botanical Mineral Toner, Max-Tox™ Facial Serum and our Mud-Lite II™ Mineral Crème and I look radiant! Plus, I have now taken what use to be a negative chore and transformed it into a positive pampering time! Plus, my husbands pleats are single lines instead of double ones, I got paid for the job (well done, I might add!) I have radiant skin & my hair looks and feel fabulously healthy, too! :o)

That’s our blog for today! We love and greatly appreciate all of you that are coming into our Totally Pamper Me! Natural Image Day Spa & Boutique as well as sending your family, friends & co-workers to us! Were working hard to offer you, Nothing but...The Best!!! Dead Sea Hair, Skin & Nail Products that really do deliver incredible results!


Thought for Today: “What is harder than rock, or softer than water? Yet soft water hollows out hard rock! Persevere.” – Ovid, Roman poet
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