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Great Beauty Tips™: The 3 D's for a Better Life!

by Tammy Doering on September 26, 2017

Hello Everyone! I pray our blog finds all of you having the best day of your life! I also pray that those of you that have been contemplating taking care of yourself have started on the path to a better you! I want to briefly touch on the 3 – D’s: 1) Decision – Make the decision that “You’re Worth It!” 2) Determination – Be Determined to win! 3) Dedication – Become Dedicated to bringing forth a gorgeous diamond out of a lump of coal! Roll all three of these together, shake it up real good and you come up with:


Decide. Get Determined. Be Dedicated!


Putting it that way makes it sound soooo simple, doesn’t it? Guess what – it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your entire life! That’s why we have so many obese, out of shape, sloppy & ‘could care less how they look’ people in the world. These types of people have an attitude of ‘take me as I am’ on the outside but on the inside they are crying and sometimes begging for someone to see past the mess & help them. There isn’t a human being alive that wakes up one morning and says, “I think I want to grow up and be an obese slob.” If you’ve ever watched the TV show – The Biggest Loser – you’ll see obese people that never intended on gaining 2-300 pounds. It sneaks up on you over time due to lack of discipline.


So why aren’t we teaching our children (who currently have the highest rate of Diabetes Type 2 in our nation’s history) about proper eating, exercise & daily skin care? I can tell you why from personal experience – it causes conflicts at home! And instead of being the parents (my generation at least) we want to be their ‘friend’. Why? Because it’s a whole lot easier to not discipline, have rules and restrictions. However, if you take the road of least resistance – in the long run you will end up teaching your entire household (and all of the generations to come) how to slowly kill themselves!


We’ve got to change our “Stinkin’ Thinkin’” as Zig Ziglar says and start today on making our personal lives a priority. God didn’t create you to be the worst you can be – He has a real purpose and destiny for your life! But you have to be willing to embrace it and do all you can to make it happen. So now that I have your attention, you’re probably saying, “Ok Tammy, I get it – Now, where do I start?” I’m glad you asked!  


The Road to a Better You starts when you decide to take the first step! The following are some suggestions:

1) Learn about good nutrition. Read the labels of the food you are feeding yourself and your family. Look for Trans Fats (Not Saturated Fats) on the labels of your products. Did you know that The U.S. National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine has stated that the optimal intake of Trans Fats is ZERO! Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know this – or at least the ones that add Coffee Creamer to their coffee every morning don’t! If the food you’re consuming contains ANY hydrolyzed oil – it has Trans Fats in it! Be careful about the front labels that claim – No Trans Fats PER SERVING – that’s the catch! If you flip the product over – you’ll find it contains hydrolyzed oil of some sort – usually soybean or cottonseed oil. So what is a Trans Fat? It is an artery-clogging fat that is created when vegetable oils are hydrolyzed into Margarine or Shortening. It is found in fried foods like French Fries, Friend Chicken, Crackers, Doughnuts, Cookies and Pastries. Unless you cook/bake these yourself with standard oils or butter. In the USA, (Unless labeled otherwise) French fries contain around 40% Trans Fats (and that’s NOT the Super Size!), Crackers & Cookies range from 30% - 50% and Doughnuts have between 35% - 40%. Trans Fats can cause major clogging of arteries, Type 2 Diabetes (our children!) and other serious health problems, and have been found to increase the risk of heart disease. Many food companies use Trans Fat instead of oil because its cheap, improves flavor and texture and it extends the storage life of their products. When in doubt – READ THE LABEL!!!

That's all for this article! I’ll continue this information in the next few blogs. My goal with this blog is not to sound like a doctor – I am not! It is to help those that aren’t doing research all day like we do here at “Totally Pamper Me!”®  If our column helps only one person out there start taking care of themselves, then I can meet my Maker one day and hear – “Job Well Done!” Enter In. We love and appreciate all of you! Christmas is around the Corner! Remember us for gift certificates! Don't forget to like our Aviv International Facebook page, and our Tammy Doering page as well!

Thought for Today: Today I will take the first step toward taking care of myself – I Deserve It!!!

        ~Tammy D. The Mud Queen™
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