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Great Beauty Tips™: Day 5

by Tammy Doering on December 08, 2016

Hello Everyone! I pray all of you are having an excellent day! Christmas day is just around the corner! The lines at the stores are getting L-O-N-G, people are not as ‘nice’ as they need to be – due to stress and frustration as well as the economy. Many people are seriously depressed and full of anxiety. Some may even lose their homes. I am trying to  keep this in mind as I shop this holiday season. Especially when I encounter ‘situations’ that will raise my blood pressure and make me want to say something sarcastic and not so nice. It’s hard to smile and be ‘merry’ sometimes, especially when someone is being rude or worse yet, a real jerk. This year I’ve decided to smile through everything. Did you know that your smile could change the way a person is feeling – instantaneously? It’s that powerful! So SMILE when you want to yell, scream or holler – it will make your situation soooo much better! This holiday season is for spending time with those you love most. The ironic thing is those gifts we run around trying to find and spending too much money on, are usually forgotten – especially by the next year! However, the memories of time spent together are cherished FOREVER! So SMILE through it all – it WILL make a difference and may make someone’s day a little brighter!

I’ve been writing the past few blogs on Nail Fungus. Today, I’d like to share information with you about our Aviv International Dead Sea Product called – 10 Healthy Nails. I formulated this product after encountering the medical options that were presented to me when I personally had a mild toenail fungus. The concept of taking medicine that was so strong they would need to test my liver every two weeks at the hospital was honestly not an option for me. My thought was, ‘Why wouldn’t you make a topical product that could be applied directly to the problem, instead of causing serious side effects to my internal organs!’ After several years of research and testing we have created an All Natural way to help with not just nail fungus, but various other skin issues such as corns, planters’ warts and even a spot on my shin I have no idea what it was, but had planned on having it biopsied and surgically removed because it was ugly and was constantly sore. (It’s almost gone in on month!) We have had tremendous success with our 10 Healthy Nails product – one client, a professor had areas on the bottom of her right foot that were painful and growing. She’s an avid exerciser and the pain was getting uncontrollable. We took a before picture of the two areas. She applied the product on average of 3 times a week. Within three months one of the spots had a core pop out and the other one had made significant improvement. Best part for her was – no more pain when she exercised!

I’ll stop here today. We are so appreciative to all of you that continue to support our products and services. Please ‘Like’ us on Facebook and share us with your friends. We are working very hard to grow our company, its mission and teaching the world how to “Discover the Dead Sea Difference!”


Thought for Today: Real success comes in small portions day by day. ~Denis Waitley