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Great Beauty Tips™: Day 7

by Tammy Doering on December 16, 2016

Hello Everyone! I pray all of you are enjoying a beautiful December day! I can not get over how fast November came and went! It will be Christmas before we know it!

I am so anxious to share the outcome of our first Spa Pampering Nite™ we recently had. It was a HUGE success! We had 10 ladies come to the party and 8 (two of the ladies went to the Dead Sea with me and learned all about it in Israel with me) of them had their lives (and faces) changed that night! It never ceases to amaze me how much our products change the appearance of the skin. Here's the treatment we did:

1) Wash face with our Dead Sea Mineral Mud Facial Wash. Every lady that used this facial wash could not believe how clean their skin felt! Several of them actually glowed!

2) Using a Boar’s Hair Fan Brush we applied our Sensitive Skin Mud Masque to every lady. We included the neck and décolleté area to diminish any aging signs there, too! Once all of the ladies were fully mudded up they got in a group and we took a picture! It was awesome! They all laughed at themselves and with each other. There was an amazing bond that happened that night with the whole group. It was wonderful to witness! After they reached the ‘cracking up’ stage (the mud masque completely dried) they took turns rinsing off the mud with warm water, then cool tap water to close the pores. Then they were instructed to find me with their freshly cleansed & properly exfoliated skin.

3) We then applied our Hydrating Botanical Toner w/Hyaluronic Acid, Dead Sea Mineral-Fusion™ Extracts and Essential oils to their face, neck & décolleté areas.

4) After the skin soaked in the Hydrating Botanical Toner, we applied our Botox Alternative Serum called, Max~Tox. 

5) For the crowning/finishing touch, we applied our Mud~Lite™ II Dead Sea Crème.

There was definite skin transformation that night! Especially on the few ladies that were smokers. Their skin had an entirely different color to it. This is due to the deep detoxification process that these products can do. They literally drew out the trapped toxins/chemicals and nicotine from their skin. It was wild to witness this transformation. And every lady commented on how much younger they looked and how soft their skin felt. Oh how I LOVE my job! And all of these results were done without the use of harsh and possibly damaging and toxic chemicals.

Well, I’m out of room for this week. Christmas is just around the corner – can you believe it!? Our Chocolate Roses™ Mineral Mud Masque w/Hyaluronic Acid; Chocolate Roses™ Mineral Peel w/Caffeine or our gorgeous Chocolate Roses™ Facial Bars make wonderful gifts! Not into Chocolate? Try our Luxurious Lavender & Emu Line or our Citrus Musk™ Products. Can’t decide? Get a gift certificate! It can be used for products or services! We love you all!

Thought for Today: Age is inevitable. Old is a frame of mind! Fight them both!
~Tammy D. The Mud Queen™

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