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Great Beauty Tips™: Day Two

by Tammy Doering on November 29, 2016

Hello Everyone! I used to watch all of the exercise classes I have been involved with grow with lots of unfamiliar faces. The joke among the ones of us that are ‘exercise veterans’ used to be – ‘We’ll see how long they last!’ The sad part to me is, most of them will drop off by the way side because their commitment was to a resolution, and not themselves. Its okay to ‘fall off the wagon’ once in a while, but we ALL need to realize that we are only given a small window of time in which to live our lives. It’s time to get our heads out of the sand (what I call. “The Ostrich Effect”) and start forcing ourselves to do the things we ‘don’t  like to do’ in order to better ourselves for our families and our quality of life as we grow older. Ignoring your health WILL catch up to you over time.

I have personally witnessed retired people that have ignored their health, end up with a full page of medications (some of those being very addictive narcotics!) they have to carry with them to every doctor visit. Their week is planned around their doctor’s appointments, surgeries and physical therapy. It’s so sad to me. They should be traveling, enjoying life, their grandchildren, attending functions and be involved with civic or church groups the give back to others. Instead they spend all of their money on medications, doctors’ visits (multiple doctors because of multiple health issues), hospital bills and waste away in their recliners because they are too exhausted to do anything else. Most of the illnesses could have been completely avoided if they would have dedicated themselves to a daily exercise regimen!

On another note, I had a 70+ year old gentleman client come in our office a few years ago, and he knew another couple that were there filling out our consent form for a pedicure. The gentleman was talking about how active his wife is at 69 years old. She takes her grandchildren to Cherokee to do rock climbing! When he left the other couple shared with me that his wife recently attended her reunion. She was in line with current and previous line dancers that were part of the band. They said she was able to kick her legs as high as the teenagers! That is so impressive!

My question to you this week is – which way do you want to live? Sitting in the recliner wasting away or enjoying life and being able to do whatever you want to do – at ANY age? MAKE time for you! You ARE worth it!!! Is it easy? No, there will be days you just don’t ‘feel like it’ but DO IT anyway! I’ve never come home from Insanity class or the gym and say, “Man, I sure do regret working out!’ I even go when I’m sick – why? It breaks it up and the body overcomes the illness faster! You can do it! If I can do it, so can you!

That’s it for today's blog. I pray God uses these words to pierce your heart and makes you want to move toward becoming a naturally, healthy and vibrant person that can do ALL things. We love and appreciate all of you that continue to support our blog, products and services. Please tell your friends and family members about us!


Thought for the Week: View the word – Impossible as ‘I’m Possible!!!’ 
~Tammy Doering The Mud Queen

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