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Tips for Applying Hemp Flower Extract Topically

by Tammy Doering on May 10, 2019

The first step is something super simply, try to determine where you're pain is coming from! This sounds obvious, but I mean is your head hurting because you have a headache or from the pain in your neck? Think about it that way, and locate the source of your pain. If you can't then apply the Hemp Flower Extract with our Mud Lite II Creme to all pressure points.

Clean the area! We contract a lot of germs in our day to day lives, so it's best practice to wash off the area before applying your Hemp Flower Extract. You don't need to get in the shower, just use a rag and wash off the area you'll be applying the cream to.

Don't hold back with the cream! Make sure you're generous and vigorous when applying your cream. We recommend using our Mud Lite II Creme (link below to order), and sometimes it's even better to get your significant other to lather you down using the cream! Take a few drops of our Hemp Flower Extract (link below to order) and add it to the cream in your hand. Then rub the cream into your skin vigorously, but don't cause yourself discomfort.


Mud Lite II: https://avivinternational.com/products/dead-sea-cream

Hemp Flower Extract Collection: https://avivwellnessceuticals.com/search?q=hemp+flower

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